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Author Topic: Guide for New Players  (Read 3259 times)

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« on: December 06, 2011, 02:22:50 AM »

Well, I notice a lot of people join, and then quit within a day cause they don't understand it. So here is a guide explaining some basic things, it's not the best guide and was hoping some veterans could add some input to make it pretty legit. I'll edit and add things as I can. Really busy at the moment. But with a more detailed starting guide(Looks at Borg) maybe we could get more players and keep them.

Basic Knowledge When Starting -

Swarmers - Are ships that in mass amount cause a great deal of damage.

Super Ships/Main Ships/Mission Ships - These are ships that pack a punch. We use these ships to do encounters, incursions, hidden aliens, etc. Will go into detail about this later.

Power Ships -
Emi, has implanted a new formula, therefore making most power ship designs no longer useful. Power ships are used to put you into a nebula and protect your fleets from opposing commanders.

Nebula -
Nebulas, are a 24 Hour protection from getting attacked. While in a nebula you can not attack, or do encounter and interactive missions. You may only do, mission contracts and do counter attacks.

Rankings -
Basically just tells you your current rank among all active players

Will add more later


Trying to make bank?

Few steps here.

- When first starting off, VOTE! It's a pain, but it'll help you out. Plus, you might get lucky and win 2.5k turns or 250 CP. We LOVE CP!

- Good, you voted. Now, learn to make you a ship!! There is a great ship deigning web site in the forum( link ---> <--- I'd say a starter ship should be between 5-10Mill. That is 5.000.000 - 10.000.000 =p. Also, if your first ship is 10Mill and it's time to upgrade(get a bigger ship) you'll wanna times that by 1.7 . Some people do 1.5 others do 2.0 - It just depends on your preference, and what kinda gap you want your ships to have.(Just go with 1.7 until you become a better player) Never ever stack super ships, only one per fleet.

**Note** If you buy a gold account, the only good ship lines I know are, Person who sells themself for money Ship and S7S. **Note**

- Yonkers, you can build a ship. *pats back*. Now that you have your first ship, let's kill something! Hopefully there is an incursion happening! If so, slide on thru and start killing some aliens. Why do Incursions? Simple; they pay you pretty well and give some nice items. You'll only do this temporary. As your waiting to acquire certain items. Specifically Pinpoint Probes and Multi- Something probes.
The reason these are nice because hidden aliens pay off better then incursions do. Run through the galaxy, find Hidden Aliens and kill em' all! RAWR!

Sweet, your killing aliens, and making dough AKA Credits! Now use your credits, and buy a few more ships. I wouldn't go above a 50 Mil ship. It'll be pointless, because the main thing you'll he looking for in the galaxy are Bio-Experiments. These bad boys dish out CP(Command Points). They don't change up how much they give you until much higher. I think around 100Mill. O_0

Galaxy, Teching, and Stations -

- Now since your making a little bit of credits, and have a nice ship, you should hunt for CP as well while killing hidden aliens. Again, don't spend your credits just save them up. No need to buy a bigger ship then 50Mill.

Bottom right corner is the research tab, here is where you'll do all your teching.

Resources for stations is -
Space Station Cost: 9375 Carbon, 6250 Stone, 1875 Ice, 1250 Iron, 1250 Metals, 315 Gold and 190 Diamond
Mining Station Cost: 6250 Carbon, 10000 Stone, 1250 Iron and 1250 Metals

I found a nice cheap swarmer that can help you with this, below is the design.

Hull -Space: 23
Armour - Weight: 8 Hitpoint: 399
Powercore - Weight: 8 Energy: 629
Weapon - Weight: 3 Energy: 150 Attack: 64 Accuracy: 22%
Weapon (x2) - Weight: 2 Energy: 239 Attack: 27426 Accuracy: 2%

Now, it's ideal to get 7-8 space stations. No more. You'll wanna set your stations at a location that has 5 or more core ores. Must have Gold, Diamond, Ice, Metal, and Iron. All over 50k or they will probably run out before you start to replicate.

After you get your stations up and running. Rake in the credits for a day or two, maybe more. Once you content with how much you have, buy some ships. Cause it'll be time to hunt for CP to research more.

Replication is what you'll be working on next. It used to be ideal to get replication input and output to 20/20. Although now I hear it should be at 30/30(unconfirmed). It'll get costly and use up turns, but it's must.

**TIP** You may want to also tech Advanced Trade pretty high. 10 and up. Cause when it's time to put stations on 100% credits, you'll make more **TIP**

Once you have researched replication input and output to 20/20 you'll wanna start repping minerals. Now if you have 7 stations this is what you'll do.

Set 2 stations to rep Carbon.
The other 5 should be on - Diamond, Gold, Metal, Iron, and Ice. Let those minerals build up for several days. 3-4 then divide them up within all 7 stations and set it too 100% credits. Hopefully you should make more then 100 bill in 24 hours. Buy some ships with that, or let it build interest. *Note* With interest, only put 90Bill in there, or you won't make much. 90Bill with interest will make 10 Bill a day. *Note*?

After that is done, revert back to repping. Why? Because now you'll be working on Nanites. Nanites are under Mother Ship modules and will help with ship discount. Eventually ships will only be 1/4 of their original price. This is the reason you have 2 stations repping Carbon, because Carbon is required most when leveling up this module.


Defending -
I will give a power ship design for everyone to copy and use.

Hull: Space: 51
Powercore- Weight: 43 Energy: 12099
Shield - Weight: 8 Energy: 12099 Absorb: 19%

Here is an example of a powership. Powerships can be used as a "shield" to protect your fleet(s). In battle, the oppositon's largest fleet is engaged with yours. When the enemy engages your powerships (your largest fleet), he destroys it (because there is little/no hp). After the first fleet(amount of powerships that is equal to 20% or more of your power) is destroyed you will be put into a nebula, without losing any significant amount of credits/ships.?

**Note** You can keep using 10 fleets of powerships above your missions ships to protect them during this time, you just have to reserve to the needed amount to do missions, so if you have 10 bil and 5 bil, and have 10 fleets above your mission ships you would reserve 8 fleets and then have 3-4 fleets weaker than you mission ships, and so on. **Note**?

WOOT - Now you know what power ships are and how to use. Now what about Marines??

Essential to the survival of your ships, you need to have marines on them. Always 80% full at the very least. Otherwise if someone boards you, there is a high chance they will cap your ship or blow it. Either one happens, it sucks for you.

So, let's see if your fleet looks like this?

My Fleet               Attacker!

Power Ship     -  Attackers Main A
Power Ship     -  Attackers Main B
Main A           -  Attackers Main C
Main B
Main C
Main D
Fluff(Empty ship to take damage)

The purpose of fluff fleets are to take damage of ships that haven't had a turn to attack or board you. Say if had only 4 mains out and the attacker has 8 mains. 4 outta those mains will board you again. Basically attacking you twice in one blow.
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« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2011, 12:04:48 PM »

all anyone needs do is read the guide kyle wrote. its the best one out there. but the kids dont want to read or if they do they dont want to spend the time to do the tech. so they just quit. this game is a time game not a shot emup game and the kids dont like that. they want to do things fast
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« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2011, 12:26:55 PM »

I just gave my input in spaceo chat as i went through reading it 16
The only thing left really is planetary tech. Which I'll help you write. 1
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