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Author Topic: SO WARS Timeline  (Read 2619 times)
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« on: December 21, 2009, 02:03:57 PM »

DE - Dark Era

The Dark Era took place in the bowels of time, the time before the great catastrophe. It was an era of glorious war, men died in their trillions every day. Entire quadrants populations where enslaved to work in the asteroid bases. They where fed, they where watered. But it was a meagre existence. The majority of the galaxy strayed among the stars. The mightiest stood astride giant constructions known as planets. The gigantic warp engines gained almighty proportions, able to propel mother-ships at over a hundred times the speed of light. It was an age of tyranny, where the few ruled and the many followed. So little is known about the time that the few scraps will be presented here.

The empire known as the Preservation of Faith, a religious sect fiercely loyal to each other conquer the stars after numerous titanic wars. Their principalities include the Preservation of War and a mysterious alliance called the WSTA. The Preservation of War, or POF as they where known had by far the largest fleet power and resources at their call. It was likely that many of the Council members where in their sway. (Please people send me ideas for this bit)

AE - Awakening Era

In the Era of awakening the few that survived the enormous explosion caused by experimental council weaponry began to reform the ranks. The technology they employed was inefficient and small compared to the powers of the Dark Era. The mother-ships that did survive where often small and the population inside shrank rapidly. The amount of resources created by the catastrophe began to hit home and Star-Bases began to be created by the mightiest commanders. The ashes of the dead would take ten thousand years to be sucked into the stars of the universe. 

EE - Expansion Era 

Philosophers have theorised about at least two greater ages. The Expansion era is the first to be sorrowfully predicted. In the expansion era the large amount of resources will lead to the construction of large amounts of stations, until eventually war will become impossible for the majority. Newly awakened commanders will find it harder to survive in a politically correct atmosphere. Peace will reign for a while in the universe. 

RE - Rebirth Era.

During the era of rebirth the remnants of the dead shall be truly used as new technologies and steadily larger fleets lead to a tidal wave of destruction. The stifling atmosphere of the previous era will be gone, as will the peace that it brought. It is though that if a planet could be built from captured blueprints, safety might be attainable. The immense resources required however would make such a venture all but impossible. The technological heights previously deemed unattainable will be reached. Or even some whisper, eclipsed.

0 AE The great Catastrophe, or the Big Crunch exploded across the universe. More died in this calamity than was              thought possible. A few civilizations survive in cryogenic tomb ships or heavily shielded asteroids skirting the edge of the universe. The first stations are established by several players, beginning the Awakening era. 

1-5 AE The Royal Navy is one of the few to rise from the smoking ashes, as are an insane alliance whose slogan is "I don't think so". Other notable empires include a sect dedicated to stopping the event known as Technological Singularity, an event that has been predicted to happen in the Rebirth Era, if not sooner. The Bounto and an expeditionary force from a currently unencountered Chiss Empire are also major players.   


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