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Author Topic: Lost Convoy- My first story  (Read 2019 times)

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« on: September 25, 2008, 03:11:58 AM »

Hi, this is my first spaceo story, and also the first time I've posted in this section, I hope it's alright.
And in case your physic, i am also working on a mission with the same name, I'm gonna get ideas from writing a story for it.  1

Lost Convoy

Commander Jules was wandering around a CHOAM market looking for something worth investing in. This wasn't Jules sort of thing, but after half his fleet was destroyed during an Incursion, he was nearing the ideal of bankruptcy.
Jules was the commander in charge of the Athuries Mothership, which i guess you've probably never heard of. He'd actually inherited the mothership off his father, who was killed when his shielding system failed during a fire-fight with a fleet of Reavers. Jules took up his fathers place.
In fact, his fathers death was the whole reason he was at an incursion site anyway. He'd ignored the advice of his Military adviser, jumping through the warp-gate with the last thing he said being "Listen mate, we've already got one set of violent and dangerous aliens out here, do you want 2 different alien races who both happen to be violent and dangerous wandering out space?" And with that the fleet jumped through the gate.
When they came through at the other end Jules began regretting his choice. The alien fleets outnumbered Jules and his fleet 300 to 1 and their fire-power was much more superior. Jules had suddenly realized at that moment that he'd just doomed most, if not all of his fleet.
The battle the followed was horrific in nature, countless aliens pouring out, destroying Jules fleet.
Just when Jules though that his luck had run out, a small flash in the distance distracted most of the Alien fleets. Another commander had warped his fleet into the system. Suddenly things were looking up. Although the Aliens still outnumbered all of the Human fleets in the area, the fleet that had just jumped in possessed much more powerful ships that were capable of taking on even some of the most powerful aliens.
This was Jules chance. He sent 2 remote scavengers to pick up what cargo they could and jumped as far away as he could from the incursion site.
After that, Jules finances were still grand in size, but they were slowly running out, and he had few ways to bolster his treasury.

And that's how he ended up here, hoping to be able to make some sort of money in a CHOAM market. The problem was however, he knew nothing about marketing, he'd always been a person who lead life in a straight foward and practical way, no point wasting time and money on ventures that would probably fail anyway.
Jules patience was wearing thin and he hadn't made a single credit, when one of his Officers came to him.
"Sir, we just received a request from CHOAM, you probably want to check it out." said the Officer, and with that Jules strolled up the boarding ramp of his flagship, The Velnard.
When he entered the briefing room he turned on the comm system and the message came through.
"Hello commander, thank you for taking your time to listen to this message. We require your aid in a small matter. Earlier this day, a CHOAM convoy stopped relaying it's position to us, and we're starting to worry. All we have to work on is the final coordinates of the convoy. We require that someone travels to this location and reports back to us the fate of this convoy. You will be rewarded if you can give us any information on the fate of the Convoy."
"It sounds like an idea, all we have to do is tell them what happened to the convoy, and they'll pay us." Jules said. It seemed like a stable idea, It's not like they were going to be put in any serious risk. Despite how stable the plan seemed, Jules military Adviser remained skeptical once again.
"Jules, i realize that we are beginning to struggle financially, but do you realize how well CHOAM protects their convoy's? All I'm saying is that if something destroyed the convoy it would have to be significantly powerful is all, can we really risk our fleets again?" The adviser pleaded with Jules to try and convince him not to go risking the fleets again but Jules ordered the fleet to travel to the Convoy's last known location anyway.
"I'm sorry, but I can't let our credits fade away." Jules said, and with that the fleet Jumped into space.
When the arrived at the coordinates Jules stared out the bridge's window. Nothing, just stars and nebula. Jules scanned some of the Nebula and picked up a single signal.
"head to that... dot?" Jules hadn't quite got the hang of giving orders. Thankfully his pilots were more then capable of interpreting his commands. The entered the nebula and there was a small clearing near the center were a single CHOAM transport was drifting. It was heavily damaged and in no condition do fly.
"Try opening a Comm with that ship, to check for survivors," Jules ordered one of the pilots.
"yes sir" And with that the pilot opened up the comm menu on the main screen. For a few moments there was nothing but static, then suddenly, an image appeared.
"To who ever is recieving this repeater signal, we have been attacked by Reavers, the convoy is heading 4 jumps south of here!" Then the message died. Only moments later it came back on, saying the same thing, it was a repeater signal after all.
"Alright, set the ship to travel 4 jumps we-" Then it occured to Jules that this ship was in a nebula, and CHOAM convoy's are told strictly that they are never to travel close to nebula's as they'll be ambushed by pirates. The ship was drifting, so Jules figured that if they worked out it's speed they could determine where they should jump from. Of course, Jules was no mathematician so he got one of the pilots to do it.
"Ready to jump sir, awaiting your order." Jules looked at the pilot and said to him "Jump."

When they got to their destination Jules could do nothing more then stare. Their were miles of destroyed CHOAM transports and fighters stretched out in front of them. His military adviser was right, again. Something big took them out. Jules knew what he had to do.
"Pilot's, divert all power to the Jump drives, we're going to make an Emergency jump to the nearest CHOAM outpost!" Jules announced. He wasn't feeling confident though. Jumpdrives could take minutes to charge up a single cell, and it takes about 15 of them to make a jump to another system.
"Sir, we've got one serious mother of a problem... inbound."

I know it's not complete, but I'll gradually add to it over time. In the mean time feel free to make any comments you like.
Story has been updated on the:
27th of September 08
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« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2008, 08:32:12 PM »

great job 1
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« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2008, 10:42:40 AM »

I've added a bit to the story. In terms of the mission, well, I've been working more on the bad guy side of things, and it's quite a profitable venture, trust me. With pirate bases soon to come!

Progress on the mission is fairly slow. It's been 2 day's and i've produced about 18 steps on a single path *Pirate*. I'm intending to make the mission quite immersive and difficult, but trust me, their are PLENTY of rewards along the way, although you have to fight for a good few of them. You'll eventually find yourself controlling a station along the pirate path, although i will mention this station will only be in the mission. You'll make choices, and some will clearly be better then others, but you might have to think a bit to get the best out of this mission.
At least during the pirate path, bailing out of the mission accidently will have a fairly slim chance of happening (although it CAN happen, and to get the pirate path you have to pass a 50/50 calculation) Most ending are quite clear and usually involve collecting everything you've earnt and leaving. These are great if your running low on turns.
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Even though my profile says I'm a female, I'm not. Do not be decieved!
Now how did that happen anyway...
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