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1  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: Hi, I need help to understand, is this a bug? on: January 04, 2008, 12:26:02 PM
whew, ok thanks
2  General Talk / General Discussion / Re: Hi, I need help to understand, is this a bug? on: January 04, 2008, 11:34:06 AM
ok thanks for the information.  I do have questions relating to the nature of this whole counter attack feature.  I read all of wiki and the online help, and haven't seen any of this documented anywhere.

What I was doing was using a one space single hull ship to (what I thought was) kick in an automatic counter attack.  No one ever communicated, so it seemed like it was automatic (or didn't occur for whatever reason).

From what you are telling me, a real human being initiates all counter attacks, and in no wise was it ever taken into account that the only thing I attacked with was a single one space empty hull.

The question of gravest concern to me right now is this: since the game obviously gives the other player at least 6 hours to do his counter attack against me....what is the time limit on that?  Is it forever?  If so, I've really screwed up and need to delete my account and start over.  Thats because it not being documented, I've caused myself to be vunerable even in the nebula to virtually everyone in the game in and around my rank.

This is the first time it ever came up, thinking I was protected, and really not being.  I lost many thousands of segments due to just not knowing what the rules of the game really were precisely.  I just need to know before I invest anymore playing time if there will ever come a time when the nebula really protects me again, or if potentially any of the players I've attacked (even weeks ago), can just suddenly up and pop me for the rest of my segments.

Do you think I should delete my account and start over?
3  General Talk / General Discussion / Hi, I need help to understand, is this a bug? on: January 04, 2008, 10:23:57 AM
I was attacked something like 8 hours ago, lost 12 ships, and a few segments, and put into the nebula.  The message on my screen still says I'll be in there for 16 more hours.

Something like 1.5 hours ago, 6.5 hours after the first attack, the same player attacked me 3 more times, and this time getting literally thousands after thousands of segments.  And yet my screen says that I am protected from attack for another 16 hours.

Can someone either tell me for sure this is a bug in Space Odessy that the player in question is abusing, or what about being protected in the nebula I don't understand.  Why didn't the nebula protect me from his attacks, and what limits another player from just grinding me on down to literally nothing this way in spite of being inside the nebula?

Until about an hour ago, I was told and firmly held the belief that you were protected while you were inside the nebula.  Either there is a bug in Space Oddessy or this isn't true.  Which one?
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