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Title: SO ANGRY! Mannaman15's Guide to SO Main
Post by: V on December 19, 2011, 09:29:52 AM
I was finally able to recover my disk and was only able to recover an eighth or so of the guide I wrote :(
I don't have the time to write it over again as I'm too busy with work, but if you guys want to add to it, please feel free.
Only post stuff you KNOW to be true please.

"Step-by-step guide to SO Main, by mannaman15
You start the server with 500turns and 10mill credits.

Firstly, never start playing the same day the server resets as you will only succumb to getting destroyed by swarmers in PvP.
You gain 1440 turns a day, and your turns with noob gold can hold 5k. I suggest waiting 2 days, then start playing.(vote each day for turns/credits)

Your first goal is to get your first station/mining facility up and producing credits.
First thing you want to do is buy whatever 3 ships you can afford. The game starts you off with 3 designs which will work fine.
To do this, you're going to need:
45 CP, 565 turns, 375mil credits (just for the Tech research)
Then youíll need:
15625 Carbon, 16250 Stone, 1875 Ice, 2500 Iron, 2500 Metals, 315 Gold and 190 Diamond
Which will cost you 483 turns to mine, and 274,965,125 credits.
Now Iíll teach you how to get what you need.
Along with the ships you bought, you need Pinpointer and Multispectral probes. You can either buy them in the market, or you can get them by going to the Incursions and killing aliens.
Use the probes to find alien queens which drop items worth ~30mil eachÖ (donít be afraid to hit up to 10x your leadís FP while at this power)
Once you get your first 250m, buy a 250m ship. This will have the size and strength youíll need to do encounters from 1-5mill around the galaxy.
To Find CP
Fly the galaxy and kill Bio Experiments and Black Holes. Feel free to kill endangered planets and gold transports, but donít waste your turns killing the encounters with segment rewards yet.
As you enter a new quadrant, be sure to try to find more queens as you need more income.
Continue doing this until you get enough turns/cp/credits for your first mine/facility.
When you set it up, be sure to pick a good spot. I consider a good spot to have at least diamond, gold, metal, and iron/ice. The better the resources, the more credits you make hourly.
Once you place the facility, click the replication button so it shows 100% replication. Then click the minus sign on replication until it shows 50% each for credits and mining.