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Title: Supership Standards (RECENT)
Post by: williamsc on August 30, 2019, 04:28:20 PM
Hi, I know this forum is mostly defunct but I learned how to build ships using these pages. And I spent a LOT of time designing ships to be both the best for the money and perfectly balanced (as all things should be)

While the old forum pages have a boatload of information, there are a few key items missing. I've spent several months finding those items and bringing them here.

First is something that has to be taken into consideration when designing Superships (or S-Ships), namely EFFECTIVE HP. Yes you might have a ship with monster ATK and HP stats, but if your ABS is 10% your effective HP is super low and it's a glass cannon. Calculating effective HP (or EHP) is easy. Take the ship's HP and multiply it by it's ABS expressed as a percent (so 66% ABS means you'll multiply the ship's hp by .66) and add it to the ship's HP.

EHP is mainly useful when deciding how to design your ships, what standards to shoot for. Obviously the standards for ships will change as they grow in size. But besides the "2:1 hp:atk ratio" rule there are very few standards as to what a ship of a specific cost should look like. Good thing some people get a kick out of killing time playing with numbers.

I'll keep it simple. In my (limited) experience, I've found that counting EHP values, there are two cutoffs for ship standards and two main standards that change, if you follow the 2:1 rule your atk and hp values will be decent no matter what, given the right ACCU and ABS. The first cutoff is at the Billion credit mark. Sub-Billion ships will have variable ACCU and ABS values but will tend to max out at 66% ABS and (if I was doing it right) 60% ACCU. Billion credit ships begin the phase of 99% ACCU and 66% ABS. Going over the ABS value will result in a reduced EHP, and going under the ACCU value will make the ship less effective. This phase of standards goes up to AND INCLUDING your Trillion cost ship. Even at a Trillion credits, 66% ABS still runs evenly with the max of 80% ABS in terms of EHP. After that, though, on ships +1Trillion in cost, you will switch to a 80% ABS (keeping the 99% ACCU, obviously).

Or if a simple list works better for you:

< $1B -- MAX 60% ACCU, 66% ABS
$1B - $1T -- 99% ACCU, 66% ABS
> $1T -- 99% ACCU, 80% ABS

Now that you know what you're shooting for, how do you get there? I'll skip the explanation due to how much experimentation went into these numbers, but feel free to message me if you want it. Just a list this time.
NOTE: Viper72988 found the best 99% ACCU and 66% ABS numbers, I just checked for a better one. He also has a perfect shields and comps list as well as a FREE 10B design in his Supership help post!

99% ACCU:
1x 58% ACCU weapon
1x 23% ACCU computer
14x 19% ACCU computer

66% ABS:
2x 36% ABS shield
3x 35% ABS shield
2x 34% ABS shield

80% ABS:
1x 43% ABS shield
24x 38% ABS shield
1x 37% ABS shield