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Title: The Command Project- Fleet Commanders
Post by: Midnight44 on May 22, 2015, 04:18:32 PM
Unless I read it wrong you said that you could have 2 marine commanders in one fleet would that also include the ability to use 2 differnt types of commanders on a fleet like 1 marine and 1 acu ?

You can only have one fleet commander commanding a fleet, so if you use 10 fleets you can have up to 10 FC on a battle.
But in the fleet commander mess hall, or the FC pool you can have more specialists of the same profession to choose from...

I believe that with some hard testing and balancing we can avoid immortal fleets  :))

Hm, let's see the exp... 20 levels * 100.000 exp / 35 exp = 57.142 battles at let's say 10 turns to find / do a battle... 570.142 turns / 1440 turns a day... ug... 395 days... well you can do battle with 10 commanders, that makes it faster and of course get more exp to them with mission multiplier... or
you also use turns to train your commanders... 1 turn trains 15 exp to one fleet commander... use 133.333 turns and you have a lvl 20...

I don't see any problems with FC really, it's worth a try it could make combat way more interesting, we can make them die like ants or be super heroes, it's up to us :)

One of the guys posted a link to this thread:,3434.30.html

I think it's a Great Idea, and I believe that it too, like most updates could be implemented and balanced with very little issues.

Since it's been so long ago that a new facet of the game has been introduced, at this point, I think we'd ALL be happy to see ANY new implementations you throw at us, Emi.

Title: Re: The Command Project- Fleet Commanders
Post by: monkeytm on May 22, 2015, 05:31:38 PM
i agree here this could be added so easy you have put
   Future features received by gold accounts once they are added:   
1 FREE fleet commander, once they are introduced

in the gold account upgrade section. so seems you have already have some of the code already done.
if you could give us your opinion emi we would love to see some added features that will bring the game upto date.

i know i keep referencing back to the post you stated you had a updated game engine with more features and could give spaceo a makeover. (post found here,10386.msg70884.html#msg70884 (,10386.msg70884.html#msg70884) ) but this could all be implemented at the same time. i would be willing to donate towards the whole thing (just give us a target to make this happen). i believe this game needs a overhaul to bring in more players thus increasing the possibility's of more donations which end up with more money in your pocket. plus more players for us to play against.